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Introducing The Simple Way To Learn Quran

Are you searching for Quran classes for you or for your kids? your search ends here! you are at the right place We’re providing this holy service in our Quran Academy through the professional and qualified teachers who have the knowledge in Islamic studies for many years and educating the people with their wisdom and knowledge.

Now, no need to travel far away to Islamic centers when you can learn Quran at home with extremely Talented and Expert Native Arab Male & Female teachers at the schedule which is most suitable for you.
We’re serving the Muslim community to learn Quran online since a long time, we’re offering the Quran education for children, adults as well as for all your family members with the unique and special online tools which help in learning Quran efficiently.

How Online Quran Academy is beneficial for you?


Online Quran Academy has especially been arranged for the students who are keenly interested in seeking knowledge of Quran i.e. reading, reciting and memorization of Holy Quran. If you one of those people who does not have sufficient time to go to Mosque on daily basis for getting the education of Quran, or if you are struggling while living in non-Muslims majorities area or some other circumstance than this online classes is absolutely for you!

we have made it possible for all the Muslim students to take maximum benefits from our online Quran teaching academy for Quran education. We have now offered a completely flexible environment for all students who can take classes either at home place or at office place, any days or anytime with the security of affordability and flexibility so that maximum people of any age can benefit from this Holy services. Our trained Teachers are available 24 hours so you can select timetable of classes according to your preference.


we provide very superior class online Quran teaching to each student in our Quran academy online. Our Quran teaching includes the courses by which students are trained in Quran Reading. You can select any desired course:

  • Quran Reading with Tajweed
  • Quran Memorization
  • Quran Recitation
  • Arabic Language Classes


Be a part of #1 Leading Al-Quran Academy

All over the world, thousands of students are availing our online Quran learning services and now they are perfect in reading and reciting Holy Quran according to actual Arabic accent and Tajweed rules.
Now they have no more difficulty in reciting Holy Quran and they reciting the successive lessons without anyone’s help. If anyone among you is worried and unable to find standard Quran teacher in the nearby Mosque, he or she can join our Live Quran classes because the conventional teaching of Quran is quite different from online teaching. In online Quran teaching you can repeat your lesson number of time and can take help from tutor again and again, but in a conventional way is not flexible for repeating lesson again and again where you have found out specific time to attend classes.

Through the Elegance of Allah Subhan Wa Tala, students around the world are taking advantage of our services experiencing the chance to understand Quran online. We’ve countless satisfied students, the manifestation of our performance and credibility. Be a part of our read and memorize Quran Online Academy and start learning Quran today!

Try Our Free Trial Classes

In order to evaluate the service of our online Quran teaching academy, you can join 2 days trial classes that are free of cost. We are sure by taking trial classes, you will come to know how effective and useful services are being provided in our al Quran learning academy. what if you are not satisfied? no worries you can leave us without any payment.

Want to know about our Quran Teachers?

Teaching Quran is really a task of massive responsibility so to be able to fulfill this responsibility we hire the very best Native Arab tutors from Egypt for the students in our al-Quran academy. Their selection is created based on their religious morals and academic background. For giving Online Quran Classes to the students, we hire full-time tutors and also the recruitment process is dependent on their Quran recitation, Tajweed and communication skills. They are able to deliver the lecture in an extremely professional manner and are generally able of speaking English, Arabic, and Urdu. The tutors are very well qualified so we provide them with special training so they become in a position to deliver what we should have guaranteed to the students. Every student is offered a personal attention by an Online Quran teacher.

The teachers are not only arranged for the adult students, they are also giving Quran classes for kids in a friendly and attractive environment to grab attention of kids.

Here are some short biographies of our Teachers:

 Highly experienced and qualified in Quranic and Islamic Teachings.
 Properly Trained to in Arabic language.
 Huffaz-e-Quran tutors for that recall skills class.
 Completely conscious of Recitation rules.
 Both male and female Tutors.

Your Key To Success: Our aim

Every Muslim knows the significance of learning Quran, only a couple of making an effort to spend their lives based on Quran and Islamic teachings. Our Online Quran Academy is made for the exact purpose to spread the understanding from the religion Islam and Quran, especially among individuals who’re surviving in the places where you can find no reliable sources of learning Quran. To be the best established online Quran institute, our aim includes the establishment of the religion Islam. We’re striving to advertise online Quran learning with most advanced technology. We’ve been teaching Quran and Islam for a long time and also have the try to spread the sunshine of Islam around the globe.

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