wazifa surah qariah for high business profit

Whoso recites this surah often times Allah would keep him safe from Dajjal, antichrist, so he would not say yes to the call of Dajjal; he would also not go near the fire of hell, his good deeds would outweigh his sins at the time of reckoning.

Whoso writes this surah on paper and hangs it in the house, his poverty would go and prosperity would come in.
If the written text of this surah as a tawiz is put around the neck, a failing business would suddenly become a highly profitable enterprise
Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem
  1. Al qaari’ah
  2. Mal qaariah
  3. Wa maa adraaka mal qaari’ah
  4. Yauma ya koonun naasu kal farashil mabthooth
  5. Wa ta koonul jibali kal ‘ihnil manfoosh
  6. Fa-amma man thaqulat mawa zeenuh
  7. Fahuwa fee ‘ishatir raadiyah
  8. Wa amma man khaffat mawa zeenuh
  9. Fa-ummuhu haawiyah
  10. Wa maa adraaka maa hiyah
  11. Naarun hamiyah

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