wazifa surah takasur for allahs protection

Whoso recites this surah before going to sleep would remain in Allah’s protection, and hardships and worries of the grave would not trouble him. 

Whoso recites this surah in his obligatory salats reward to be given to a hundred martyrs would be credited to his account, and if this surah is recited in supererogatory salats the reward would be equal to the reward
of fifty martyrs.
Whoso recites this surah in his obligatory salats forty rows of angels would pray with him.
Whoso recites this surah would not be asked to give an account of those favors he enjoyed in this world.
Whoso recites this surah at the time when it starts raining all his sins would be forgiven.
Whoso recites this surah at Asr time he would remain in Allah’s protection till the sunset the next day.
Whoso recites this surah a voice is heard in the skies, saying: “Who is he who gives thanks to Allah like this man.”
Bismillaahir Rahmaanir Raheem
  1. Al haaku mut takathur
  2. Hatta zurtumul-maqaabir
  3. Kalla sawfa ta’lamoon
  4. Thumma kalla sawfa ta’lamoon
  5. Kalla law ta’lamoona ‘ilmal yaqeen
  6. Latara-wun nal jaheem
  7. Thumma latara wunnaha ‘ainal yaqeen
  8. Thumma latus alunna yauma-izin ‘anin na’eem

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